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About Me My name is Sally Reeve and I'm a London-based actress.

Check out my CV or showreel, read my blog (below) or contact me or my agent. Enjoy!
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A lot of actors I know make the most of their resting time by doing corporate roleplay. I did some at the Institute of Education many years ago but never felt like I was any good at it! Well my lovely new agent got me a job with Interact – a large roleplaying company – and I did my first job for them this week!

They do lots of different types of roleplay – this was for the Royal College of GPs and is part of the final exam to qualify as a GP. You get an excellent brief and then you do 13 ten minute roleplays in the morning – each with a different candidate – and the same in the afternoon! It’s a long day but I really loved it and have discovered I’m actually rather good at it!

So hopefully – more in 2016. It’s been quite a quiet year on the acting front this year but a busy one in my personal life. Here’s hoping 2016 brings me more work! I have every faith in Royce Management – they really are such a lovely agency.

NEW representation

1424892076So I tried a big West End agent and it didn’t quite fit. The agent who signed me left the agency and I don’t think the other agents ever quite knew what to do with me! Cosi was a fantastic opportunity but Phelim found me rather than having me suggested….so I’ve changed agents again!

This time I’ve gone with a smaller,  non West End Agency and they’ve already got me more castings in four months than I had in the last two years. Amanda and Bronwen at Royce Management are amazing – I really feel they understand me and my work and my life and especially the balance between the two.

I’ve got really exciting feelings about my future working with Royce!

All the fun of the fair!

All the fun of the fair!

Cosi Fan Tutte has been a trip – first time I’ve ever been non speaking on a stage but still felt an integral part of a show and still used all my acting muscles. It’s been a phenomenal experience, one I hope to revisit if they revive or tour the show. Here’s a little collage I’ve made of my time with the wonderful ENO and Improbable.


Cosi collage

I’m working!

I’m working!

I’ve meant to update this page but I’ve been in rehearsal (so nice to type that). I’m part of the Skills Ensemble for English National Opera’s production of Cosi Fan Tutte which is a co-production with Improbable Theatre. I’ve been a fan of Phelim McDermott since I saw his production of Shockheaded Peter in 2002. It’s a dream to work with him.

My first opera! I’m loving it. The Principals are amazing. I don’t think I ever fully realised how talented these performers are – to sing in tune, remember your lines AND do all the acting and blocking – serious skills.

Talking of which – what is a skills ensemble you may ask? Well look at the picture above…

The opera is set in 1950’s Coney Island and the skills ensemble are kind of the freak show element. As you can see from the picture! We have real circus and cabaret performers, a giant, two little people. a strong man, a contortionist, an acrobat…and various others. I’m one of two professional actors who have been brought in to add our performance skills to the mix. It’s amazing. We’re rehearsing in Three Mills Studios in East London and we open on 16th May.

Dan Ayling, our AD has been writing a blog for Improbable that you can read here

And you can see an interview with Phelim here

I’m having the time of my life. Devising and developing physical performance is how I started way back at Leicester Poly. And now I’m learning from a master and working with an amazing group of people. AND I get to make my West End Debut.

Life is good!

NEW Agent!

NEW Agent!

I’m utterly delighted to report that the amazing team at Robert Kelly Associates have decided to represent me. I’m really excited to join such a vibrant agency – their clients have fantastic jobs and Rob, Helen and Will have been really welcoming and positive.

So watch this space! I have a great feeling that I’ll be working more and more in the future now I have such fantastic people on my team



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