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I’m ART!

I had a message with this photo attached to it this week from a friend who walks to work past D-Contemporary Gallery in Grafton St, W1. She asked if it was me. And it is!marci

I did a day’s photographic work back in 2003 for a photographer called Marco Sanges. I had never seen the pictures. And now one of them is hanging in the window at D-Contemporary and on sale for £15,000! I had to go and see for myself…


Looking older and less glam! You can see a better shot of this image in the gallery publication – click here

Or take a virtual tour here


I found a couple of other shots from the shoot online:

marco-sanges theatre-c-marco-sanges sanges-marco-theatre-n-1-2003

I love these. I love that a job I’d forgotten about has come around to revisit me. I love that I’m art! I’m going to email Marco and tell him how happy he made me. Just had to share!



One Response to “I’m ART!”

  1. Ivan Jordon says:

    Such a gift of art’s hand through your hands. Continue it and share it to others too!

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