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A lot of actors I know make the most of their resting time by doing corporate roleplay. I did some at the Institute of Education many years ago but never felt like I was any good at it! Well my lovely new agent got me a job with Interact – a large roleplaying company – and I did my first job for them this week!

They do lots of different types of roleplay – this was for the Royal College of GPs and is part of the final exam to qualify as a GP. You get an excellent brief and then you do 13 ten minute roleplays in the morning – each with a different candidate – and the same in the afternoon! It’s a long day but I really loved it and have discovered I’m actually rather good at it!

So hopefully – more in 2016. It’s been quite a quiet year on the acting front this year but a busy one in my personal life. Here’s hoping 2016 brings me more work! I have every faith in Royce Management – they really are such a lovely agency.

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  1. Erik Brenner says:

    I’d love to portray a lot of different characters to showcase my talents and share it to public!
    Erik Brenner´s last blog post

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